September 24, 2014

alice in wonderland illustration by Tracy Hetzel

I can’t go back to yesterday, I was a different person then.

Dreamy Wallpaper

September 17, 2014



fashion illustration by Tracy Hetzel


Wallpaper backgrounds… why not? Adds a bit of playfulness, don’t cha think? My girls are stylin’ in front of their fabulous backdrops. The top one titled “Children Guised as Cowboys” is by far my faviorite and since it’s completion has been the lock screen art on my iphone. And the bottom one titled “You Can’t Ride in My Little Red Wagon” after Miranda Lambert’s song just make me so happy. Prints available in my shop!


September Rain

August 30, 2014

illustration by tracy hetzel

print giveaway

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I’m thrilled to team up with the lovely dcinstyle for this giveaway. How to enter on instagram? 1. follow @dcsinstyle and me @tracyhetzel 2. Repost this pic on instagram using #illustrationgiveaway and tag us @dcinstyle @tracyhetzel Winner chosen next Saturday! Now get to it!


July 21, 2014



I was o-so-honored to have my work featured on LED Baltimore’s billboard this past weekend at Artscape. Four of my paintings along with 29 other artists all had our 15 seconds of fame as our artwork cycled through advertisements, announcements and social media feeds.

For those of you who don’t know, Artscape is an annual art festival held in the Mount Royal neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. It has become the largest free arts festival in America and I was humbled to be a part of it.

I really wanted to get photos of all of my pieces, but comments like “you’re obsessed” and “can we go now?” echoed from my family. So after torturing them to look at the sky for about an hour we gave up and went grabbed some food, some cocktails and watched Galactic perform. It was a fun weekend filled with art, food, music, sun and family.

It was wonderful! I’m one happy gal!


We are Infinite

July 15, 2014

fashion illustration with ladybugs by tracy hetzel

Kinda got this ladybug thing going on. They symbolize luck and protection. I really love that… Here is what the ladybug said, “Each of my steps offers a different flavor, and promises new depth in perception.  My dark marks are my advantage. Make note of yours.”